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My First Solo Backpacking Ever!!! Day 2

My first solo backpacking ever, day 2. What a tough cold night I had. I was so tired and fell asleep directly I got to bed after dinner. The cold came through my sleeping...

Solo Bacpacking Day 1 (en) Resized 1

My First Solo Backpacking Ever!!! Day 1

I’ve done some backpackings in my life before, but never alone. In summer 2017, I decided to do my first solo backpacking. The weather was nice and I had time, so I decided to...

Telc Town Czech Republic 8

Telc UNESCO World Heritage Site

It’s a bit difficult not to image the Town Telc as a fairy town. The town square is one of the best in Europe, painted by the colorful historical houses in Italian renaissance style....


Bezdez Castle, Czech Republic

Bezdez Castle, also known as King of All Castles, is located on Liberec Area, Czech Republic. The original and gothic appearance of the castle makes it really special among the other castles in Czech...


Intercontinental Christmas

Christmas is celebrated all around christian world. But the customs are different in every country, as well as the wishes of the people. For example: People in Europe wish to spend x-mas under the...

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