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  1. it’s Czechia since more than one year

    • Brigitta says:

      Hi Vaclav. Thanks for the information. I didn’t know that the name was changed already. It’s Česká republika in Czech Language which is translated as Czech Republic, that’s why I called it that way. As in constitution it’s also written as Česká republika. Thanks by the way.

      • Vaclav Sulista says:

        Dear Brigitta Constitution only mentions the formal name. Czechoslovakia was never mentioned in any Constitution either. Most countries have two names, formal one and a short one. Both are registered with UN and ISO norm. On maps and in daily life short names are being used. More details at

      • Eva Horova says:

        Dear Brigitta, it is a pleasure to know you are interested in Czechia. Yes, it is correct and OK to use the name Czechia. I would add a detail – there hasn´t been any change, only the short, one-word name was included in UN databases to fill the “empty space”. So when you speak/write about Germany, Slovakia, Austria, etc., you just use Czechia. That´s all. Kindest regards. Eva

        • Brigitta says:

          It’s my pleasure to be able to visit Czechia O:-)
          Thank you so much for the information. I’m sorry that I mixed things up here. I guess since English is not my first language I then call it wrong. Thanks for the correction. I will for sure have some more articles about Czechia and I will call it so 🙂

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