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Wobbegong Shark 0

Shark (as) on the plate

I stayed at surface longer than others. My guide solved some technical problem on the equipment, so I didnĀ“t dive headlong with the group, but I waited for him. Then we descended slowly along...


Raja Ampat, Hidden Tropical Paradise

So guys, this is the unknown beauty.. Amazing blue crystal sea water in an island which was called the black island. It’s called so because 200 years ago, it was still the unknown, untouchable...


Hunting sharks in Raja Ampat

On the ship we operationally changed the diving location. On the originally planned seemed to be little fish while the nearby locality had plenty of them. Then, when I looked up from the bottom...

Hello 11

Hello world!

Hi everyone!!! Finally, after such a long time, I just did what I really want to do. Have my own website and start to write stories, the way how I see the world. So,...

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